PHOTOS: Nigerian Man Flees After Breaking His Wife’s Head With Pestle

A Nigerian man simply identified as Emeka reportedly fled after he viciously hit his wife with a pestle on the head.

This was disclosed by a Facebook user identified as Ifeanyi Calistus who claimed to be related to the victim.

Calistus revealed that the man committed the act after his wife objected to him using their bathing bucket to clean the fowl he killed.

Narrating what transpired between the victim and her husband after uploading photos of the injured woman, Calistus wrote;


Someone sent me pictures of a woman with broken head, bleeding profusely with amateur stitches and plaster. At a closer look, she was Calista my younger sister. Ah! What happened? I tried to find out from the number that sent the pictures but there was no response.

I called my sister, she picked the call and was subbing painfully. She told me that her husband, Emeka broke her head with a pestle.

How! what happened?” Gggg asked.

She said her husband killed a fowl yesterday and wanted to clean the fowl inside a bucket but she objected that it may bring bad odour to the bucket which they bath with sometimes.

As she bent over to turn the fowl into another bowl, her husband grabbed a pestle laying on the ground and hit her three times on the head and as she staggered to regain balance, he landed the pestle on her forehead, she slumped in her pool of blood and fainted as the man fled. Neighbors took her to a clinic where she was resuscitated.

How best do I handle this beast right now. Looking at the mien of this man, he does not look like a person who can kill a fly. How could such a gentle demeanor embellish and emasculate such a pugnacious beast? Let him run as far as he can, I will get him”

PHOTOS: Nigerian man flees after breaking his wife's head with pestle

PHOTOS: Nigerian man flees after breaking his wife's head with pestle