Pilot Explains Lagos Airport Hard Landing


An Air Peace pilot, Captain Simisola Ajibola, who operated the flight of July 23, which had nose wheel collapse, has said the aircraft did not have any problem until it landed at the airport.

The aircraft was on approach to the Lagos airport from Port Harcourt when the nose wheel collapsed upon landing on runway 18R, and the nose wheel tyre sheared off.

Ajibola told journalists in an interview on Friday that the incident, which took place on the runway of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos happened after the aircraft had touched down.

“It wasn’t the first flight of that day and when we flew the aircraft, it was perfectly in good shape. We had very serviceable aircraft because our airplanes are machines that are well maintained.

“The report about initial landing without tyres is not true. The incident happened after we had touched down. I didn’t go into the air without tyres and we weren’t on a descent without tyres. Some reports said we called for emergency while in the air but that is not true. It was after we landed that we asked for emergency services. So, whatever happened was on the runway that day.”

The Accident Investigation Bureau is currently investigating the incident and has said it will make the report public. [PUNCH]




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