PMB Promises To Make Nigeria Great Again

PMB Promises To Make Nigeria Great Again

… APC won’t rig general elections, Oshiomole insists

President Muhammad Buhari has said that he will continue to work assiduously to make Nigeria great and peaceful if given the mandate for the second time .

Speaking to thousands of APC members who gathered at the Sani Abacha Stadium in Kano yesterday to welcome his campaign train, the President said he has fufilled his 2015 campaign promise.

He noted “We have promised Nigerians three major issues concerning our survival as a nation citing fight against Corruption, security and economic revitalisation.

In these areas “ I will like to boldly say that we have delivered our promises to the electorates adding that if you like you can asked those that came from the North East since they use to come to Kano to do business most them have since returned to their houses and we see that as a significant development “

Buhari who addressed the crowd in Hausa ,further revealed that a lot have been done to make Nigeria stand in the area of agriculture.

He noted  “ it is a thing of pride that today Nigeria is cultivating Rice to feed her self locally. We have subsidized the price of fertiliser for our farmers to embarked on mass production of food to sustain growth and development throughout the Country.”

Buhari said his administration had done a lot in blocking leakages and introducing the single treasury  account policy in order to put the country’s  resources in one basket.

“ I have been a governor, minister, of petroleum,  head of state there is nothing I want to achieved beyond ensuring that Nigeria become a peaceful and United country”he added.

On his part, chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Adams Oshiomole dismissed insinuations that his party is planning on rigging the elections saying they don’t need to rig the elections.

According to him,the party has no need to rig the elections as they don’t have the know how to rig elections rather they have the know how to dismantle the rigging machine of the opposition.

He also challenged the PDP presidential candidate,Atiku Abubakar to go to court and sue former president ,Olusegun Obasanjo for libel if the allegations in his book are false.

Failure to do so, Oshiomole said amounts to a admission of guilt on the part of Atiku which then signifies that he is not a fit and proper person for the highest office in the land.

“ How can Atiku say he will create jobs when he presided over industrial obituary when he was the vice president. If he has short memory like a chief judge, Nigerians don’t have,” he said .

Director General of the campaign organisation, Rotimi Amaechi dismissed claims by the vice presidential candidate of the PDP, Peter Obi that APC didn’t spend a dime to complete railway projects.

He aver that if the PDP finished paying for all the railway projects why didn’t they finish and commission them before leaving office.

Ameachi pilloried Obi for distorting facts and figures and challenged him to a debate to set the records straight.

He said the government is looking for 500m to complete airport projects in the country and had also paid for the Lagos -Ibadan railway.

Speaking earlier ,Kano State  governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje told the mammoth crowd that the  state is President Buhari’s strong hold and Kano politics is about him and him alone.

Ganduje stated further that the President had done a lot for  the state citing the Lagos- Kaduna – Kano under construction saying” when he came to Kano we asked him to construct Kano -Kaduna -Suleja road. And as you can see work had since reached advanced stage.


He said Kano state government will soon invite him to come and commission some gigantic projects.


He called on the electorates to come out enmasse and vote for  President  Buhari on election day so as to keep the promise of delivering five million votes for Buhari come February 16.