Politician Offers $40 Valentine’s Date Allowance To Single LG Employees


A town mayor in the southern Philippines on Friday offered an allowance for single employees of the local government to encourage them to go on dates on Valentine’s Day.

Mayor Jason John Joyce said local government employees of Jose Abad Santos, south of Manila, would also be allowed to take leave on Valentine’s Day, which falls on Monday, once they have proof of a date.

Mr Joyce said no government funds would be used for the date allowance of 2,000 pesos (40 dollars), saying he would pay with his personal money.

“Its a small thing to share for the happiness of those who are still single,” he told ABS-CBN News.

Mr Joyce first announced the offer on February 8, through a post on Facebook, asking, “do you already have a date on Feb. 14?”

Those who wish to go on leave and get the allowance must show proof that they have a date on February 14, by submitting screenshots of messages on social media or mobile phone text messages.

They must also provide “a picture of (their) actual date upon return to work on Feb. 15”, otherwise they need to refund the date allowance, the mayor said on his post.

The dates should not be with people whom they already have an existing relationship or are married to, he added.

“I have been receiving a lot of messages about it, but I have yet to receive their proof,” Mr Joyce said, adding “The funny thing is that even residents from other places all over the country want to join.”


tribune news paper



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