Protesters Storm Eagle Square


A group of protesters on Thursday stormed the Eagle Square, Abuja, throwing the area into confusion with fear-stricken workers scampering in various directions.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria, who was caught in the confusion, reported that the situation obstructed traffic flow as motorists were forced to either stand still or run into one another.

NAN also reports that the protesters blocked all major routes leading into the National Assembly, with the confusion getting even worse when security threw tear gas canisters in a bid to disperse the protesters.

The cause of the protest is still uncertain, but a Police source said that the protesters were members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

NAN reports that members of the group stormed the National Assembly Complex, Abuja, on Tuesday, with some of them scaling its fence to force their way in.

Reports had indicated that the protesters disarmed some policemen stationed at the gate of the complex, injuring some of them in the process.

A Police source has also confirmed that 40 members of the group were arrested after the Tuesday clash with security personnel, with some of them set to be arraigned in court. [PUNCH]


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