Rights Group Seeks End To Violence Against Women

The Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative has urged policymakers, authorities and other stakeholders to tackle domestic violence and support survivors.

It made the call in Jos, Plateau State, during its technical session on contextual challenges and existing opportunities for survivors of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

The session, under the VAWG project, Faith and Culture Leaders Supporting VAWG Accountability, was supported by Ford Foundation.

In her presentation, Prof. Benedicta Daudu said to gauge the prevalence of violence against women and end the cycle of abuse, “it is important to involve the criminal justice system to punish the perpetrators. 

Also, community enlightenment is paramount in creating awareness of the ills on violence against women on individuals, family and community.

Since numerous studies have shown that women and girls are major victims of domestic/interpersonal violence, the same recognition, sympathy, support and services are necessary for both parties to curb the pervasiveness of the violence in Nigeria. The time to act is now,” she said.


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