Run From Evil, Adeboye Advises Youths

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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has called on youths to stay away from all forms of evil and lusts.

He noted that there is no way a man can run away from the evil he has committed, no matter how long he has done it.

He said this at the Redemption Camp during the July 2019 Holy Ghost Service of the church.

In the programme tagged “Swimming in Glory, Part 7 – Born to be great”, the cleric noted that when a woman accuses a man of an offence, nobody would be interested in the defense the man wants to offer.

Adeboye said: “You must abstain from every appearance of evil. The elders say “what you are not going to eat, don’t smell.

“It is written, There is nothing hidden that will not come to the open. Sooner or later, your sins will find you out.

“If you have given your life to Jesus, and you continue in sin under the guise of grace, your sin will find you out.

“When a woman accuses you of something, nobody is going to listen to you; they will listen to the woman. When they ask for witness, she will say ‘do they call people to such a thing?’

“The same bible that says, resist the devil and he will flee is the same bible that said when you find yourself facing youthful lust, you should flee.

Reacting to those that call him old-fashioned, the general overseer said: “I agree that I am old-fashioned. That is what they called me when I said that I will never have a private secretary who is a woman.

“I was ordained in 1975 and I am still surviving. It is better to be old-fashioned and live than to be modern and die.”

The general overseer had previously advised that everyone should always pray that God will have mercy on Nigeria so the shedding of innocent blood will end, noting that God stopped the Ebola virus in the country because at that time, “the cup of Nigeria was not yet full.”

He announced that the church would be holding its annual convention from 5th to 11th August, 2019 with the theme, “And God said”. [THE NATION]


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