Stop Questioning My Age, I didn’t Create Myself -Actress Eriata Cautions

Ese Eriata, has send out message to those questioning her age in the industry.

The beautiful Nollywood actress revealed that she is 28 years old on her Instagram page but her comment section was on fire as many believed that she’s lying.

Reacting to that Eriata wrote; “They really wish I was older, it’s ok; I will eventually give me some more time, I’m almost there.

For the past 7 years my age has been questioned in the industry, It use to make me feel really down because I’ve always looked older. In my secondary school days, during the weekend when I’m on mufti I would pass as a uni babe, I remember when I use to visit my cousin my cousin in her hostel in Uniben/ekosodi, her neighbors thought I was one of them, I was just SS2, because of how people reacted about my size still in secondary school, I had to skip SS3.   I finally entered university, only to face the same thing, I was 100level but most people thought I was final year I get people asking me”did you spill, how many carryovers do you have” and I go” I just entered 200level.

Fast forward to when I finished school 2014, same year I did Gulder Ultimate search, the event hall was upside down when they played a clip of me saying I was 21, my sister had to scream “she is 21, I am her elder sister” they still didn’t believe.

In 2017 when I turned 24, after I got out of the big brother: the internet busted, I saw all comments.

I didn’t create myself, and it’s not my fault I look older and act older than my age, it’s ok if you nobody wants to come to the realization that I’m 28 now, but please don’t bother me with it”.


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