The Blessings of God’s Goodness

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Main Text: Psalm 45: 1-12

“I have a word from heaven; my heart is indicating a good matter. God is not through with you yet” – Pastor Bakare.

This message is unusual because it is not premeditated; God is about to beat His own record of goodness towards us. If you think that God has been good to you, you have not seen anything yet! If athletes can beat their own records, how much more will God do?

What are blessings of God’s goodness? Psalm 21:1-13. Some of us may say “in my journey with God, I’m yet to experience His goodness”. This amounts to ignorance, which could be deadly. You cannot experience what you have never heard of. If you are not aware of God’s goodness, you cannot benefit from it. (Psalm 33: 1-5).

The goodness of the Lord endures forever (Psalm 52: 1-9). God is about to do something great that will silence His adversaries and cause your jowls to drop in wonder (John 16: 24).

In the second half of 2015 all that was hitherto impossible for you will be possible. The Chibok girls will be brought back. It is our year of indescribable joy (Luke 15).

Remember that there is nothing too difficult for God to do. Everything that you assume to be too good to be true will become true in the second half of 2015. God is going to beat His own record of goodness in your life.

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