The secret of fruitfulness

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Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Eternal rock of ages we bless your name, king of glory, ancient of days, Lord of Lords, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, holy one of Israel, greater than the greatest, better than the best, higher that than the highest, wiser than the wisest, older than the oldest. Glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for January, Thank you for February, Thank you for March, Thank you for April, Thank you for May, Thank you for June, Thank you for July, thank you for last month. Lord thank you for last month, and now thank you for September, glory be to your name. Father, tonight surprise us, visit us, heal us , set us free, put an end to bareness in our lives, remember us tonight, Almighty God remember us tonight, all those who says it is too late for us surprise them at the end of everything let your name be gloried in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout halleluiah!


JOHN 15 V 5 I am the Vine ye are the branches, ye that abide in Me, the same bring much fruit, for without Me, you can do nothing.

Jesus Christ says I am the Vine, every christian is a branch of that Vine and then he tells us the secret of fruitfulness, he said if you abide in me and I abide in you, then you bring forth much fruit, so simple! Abide in me, let my word abide in you, then you don?t have to worry about fruitfulness, you will be fruitful. Now when we talk about abiding, if am going to abide in a house, the first thing I need to do is to locate the house.

If I am going to abide some where I need to locate that somewhere, that means first I must seek that place, if I am going to abide in the Lord, I must first seek the Lord, psalm 34 v 10 says the young lion do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the Lord, shall never lack any good thing.

Hebrew 11 v 6 God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. If I am going to abide in the Lord, I must seek the Lord. If I seek the Lord, I will not lack any good thing.

Children are good; success is good, promotion is good, promotion is good, good health is good, If I seek the Lord I won’t lack any good thing.

I decree into the life of somebody here tonight, as you begin to seek the Lord, you will never again lack any good thing.

After I begin to seek, the next thing if am going to abide in a house, I seek the house and then I must find the house, in Matthew 7 v 7-8 we have an assurance from the Lord that if we seek we will find, if you seek , you will find.

However, the Bible add certain conditions to our seeking and finding Isaiah 55 v 6 it says seek the Lord while he may be found, call on him when he is near. Seek him when he may be found; that means there is a time when you can seek him and find him, and the bible tells us when we can seek him and find him, Proverbs 8 v 17 the Almighty God says I love them that love me and they that seek me early shall find me. If you put seeking God first you will find him.

Some people seek God when it is already late, but you must seek him first; first thing in the morning seek the Lord, before you go to work seek the Lord, before you get married seek the Lord. He says seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other things will be added. Don’t be like those who said let me prosper first, then I will seek the Lord. Seek him first and then you will find him.

Now if I am going to abide, I will seek and then I will find, and after I have found the house the next thing is I must knock at the door, the bible says if you want to gain admission into a place; you seek you find and then you knock, in Matthew 7 v 7 that I quoted earlier, he said if you knock it will be open unto you. Revelation 3 v 7-8 tells you who is the one who will open that door unto you, he is the Lord himself, he said I have the keys of David, he said when I open no man can shut.
I am praying for somebody here today, the Lord will open the door for you.

Genesis 30 v 22 ? 24 the Bible say God remembered Rachael and opened her womb, all of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, the Almighty God will remember you tonight. And he will open your womb.

So I want to abide in a house, I seek for it and I find it, and I knock the door and the door is open. And the next thing is I want to check is it suitable for me or not and Psalm 34 v 8 says taste and see that the Lord is good. There are some of us who have already tasted the Lord and we know that the Lord is good.

There might be some of us who are yet to taste him, taste him tonight and you will discover that the Lord is good.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is somebody here who will understand, he said just tell the fellow, she came in through the back door; she will go back through the back door.

James 4 v 6 says draw near to God and he will draw near to you, taste the Lord and you will discover he is a good God. So I seek, I find, I knock the door is opened, I checked it out and I found that is good, then I dwell. Because to abide means to settle down, In Psalm 91 v 1 he said he that dwelt n the secret of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, so there is a link between dwelling and abiding.

And if I am going to abide in with the Lord, it means I will begin to enjoy divine companionship, if am abiding with him, it follows immediately that he will be with me in all that I do; he will be with me in my business, he will be with me in my marriage, he will be with me in my education, he will be with me. And when you read Exodus 3 v 11-12 when God gave a great assignment to Moses and Moses said how can I achieve this great feat? The Almighty God assures him; I will be with you.

I am praying for every one of you tonight, from this moment forward, everywhere you go, in everything you do, God will be with you.

Occasionally, you have discovered where God wants you to be and all of a sudden, somebody decide to block your way. You know this is your position, this is where God wants me to be, he want me on top not below, he said I will be head not tail. But then somebody may suddenly stand up and say that may be true but I am not allowing you to get there. That is what happened when Goliath stood up and said David you will never become king, I know you are already anointed before your brothers, but before you become king, I will take the kingdom away from you.

But God gave victory to David, based on one principle only 1Samuel 17 v 34-37 David said to King Saul, don?t worry I will take care of this obstacle, King Saul said you can do it because you are a small boy, David said I know I am small but I had victories before and there is a God who gave me victories before, he will give me victory again. King Saul answered and said go and the Lord be with you.

I decree for someone here today, from this hour onward the Lord will be with you and every obstacle to your fruitfulness, just like Goliath was destroyed, the obstacle to your fruitfulness shall be destroyed also.

Now dwelling with the Lord, abiding with the Lord assures you of several things; number one it assures you of divine goodness Psalm 23 v 6 David said surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell, and because I will dwell , I am assured of Goodness, all the days of my life.

I want to prophecy, to someone here today beginning from this moment; in the morning, there will be goodness, in the afternoon there will be goodness for you, in the evening there will be goodness for you, in the night time, there will be goodness for you.

But not just goodness and mercy.

And mercy is so crucial to your fruitfulness, mercy get you something you don’t even deserve, if God just looks at you and decide to be merciful, then you know your problems are over. And he said in Romans 9 v 15 -16 he said I will be merciful unto whom I will be merciful, and I will show compassion on whom I will show compassion.

He said it is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, it is of GOD who shows mercy.

The people you see who are succeeding more than you, they are not wiser, they are not stronger, they are not even holier. It simply because they are enjoying the mercy of God.

And I pray for someone here today, from this moment onward, the mercy of God will pursue you everywhere you go.

When you abide in him, you enjoy goodness, you enjoy mercy, you enjoy divine partnership. He said if you abide in me and I abide in you, that mean if we are partners, then you will definitely be fruitful, Romans 8 v 31 says if God be for us, who can be against us.
Based on that authority alone, any force that says you will not succeed, God will deal with that force, because he made a promise in Isaiah 41 v 10 -13?

Daddy says the river will begin to flow again.

In Isaiah 31 v 10 -13 he said don?t be afraid, he said I will help you, he said I will hold you be your right hand and say to you, I will help you and because he says I will help you, all those who are incensed against you, shall be as nothing, he says you will seek them you will not find them. Everyone blocking your way to fruitfulness before the sun rises, you will seek them and you will not find them

Once he becomes your partner, you can’t fail anymore Luke5 v1 -7 it is the story of Peter, fishing all night and catching nothing. You could say he has finish in his career, you could say he has finished financially but the story is more than that, he fished all night; husband and wife fished all night, nothing came out of it. Some couple now has been fishing all night for more than ten years and they have nothing to show for it. But the moment Jesus stepped into his boat, the tide turned.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ the next attempt you are going to make will produce results in Jesus name.

Thank you father, the Lord says I should tell someone, he said the door is open now

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, he said different s specialist have agreed that there is no hope for you; he said I will be your hope.

To fully appreciate the value of abiding, I want you to consider what a single contact with God can do, If we understand what a single visit, a single contact can do, then we can understand what benefit can we get if we are not just contacting but we are abiding.

I remember in 1981/82, some of my church members began to complain; when strangers come to see you, you give them attention. We who are your members we don’t even get time anymore. And God gave me a word of wisdom and I said unto them, they have come to take a bucket of water; you are living by the river side, why should you complain?

There is somebody here tonight, from this moment onward you will live by the river side.

If you read the story in Act 3 v 1 ? 11, it tells us the story of a man who was born lame, for forty years he had been lame, sitting just outside the temple. One day he had single contact with God, and several things happened as a result of this single encounter with God.

So what can a single contact do?
Number one it can bring healing Mark 5 v 24 -34 the woman with the issue of blood, definitely was barren, the blood was flowing all the time and there was no room for her to be pregnant and she had a single contact with Jesus Christ and the problem was over.

Because you came tonight, even if this is your first time, in Jesus Mighty name, your problems are over.

The lame man was healed, as a result of single contact, not only that, his handicap ended. You know there are some people who are barren because of a particular handicap- they say the tube is block, I know of someone whom they say have no tubes at all. One handicap or the other but a single contact can put an end to that handicap.

Thank you daddy, the Lord asked me to tell someone here tonight he said the seed will germinate this time.

In Mark 10 v 46-52 Bartilomeus was blind, a blind man is a handicap mind, and when we are talking of handicap of that has to do with blindness, it is a very serious one. We are not talking of physical blindness now, there are many of us who could be far, far better than we are if only God can open our eyes to opportunities, many of us are surrounded by opportunities, only we can’t see them.

I mean in 2 king 4 v 1 -7 that widow of the sons of the prophet, was dying under the heavy burden of debt and she was surrounded by opportunities; there was a little bottle of oil in her home, she didn’t see how that could help. There were several neighbors with empty bottles; she doesn’t know how that could solve her problems. But a single contact with the Almighty God; her eyes were opened, her debt was paid and she has enough to spend for the rest of her life.

I have told you that when we talk of bareness, we are not talking of the fruit of the womb alone, we are talking about bareness, failure, fruitless effort, even in business, even in ministry, some have been laboring over the years and there is nothing to show for it. Even in academics, the solution is there, is just a question of seeing it.

In that name that is above every other name, every doors of opportunity that have been hidden from you, you will locate them from tonight in Jesus name.

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