Tomorrow’S Transformation Is in Your Hands, Kagame Tells Youth

Tomorrow’s transformation is in your hands, Kagame tells youth

The socio-economic transformation of Africa and Rwanda will have to be carried forward by this generation, President Kagame told over 100 young Rwandan youth gathered for the closing of the 8th edition of Itorero Indangamirwa

Held at Gabiro School of Infantry in the Eastern Province’s Gatsibo District, this year’s Itorero was a three week civic education course that brought together 181 young Rwandans living abroad.

“It is your generation’s responsibility to build on how far we have come and to solve the challenges our generation was not able to. You have more resources than we ever had. We want you to take this country further than we could. Development is done by people, it doesn’t just happen to them,” Kagame told the youth.

This year’s trainees included 109 boys and 74 girls and came from 24 countries, with the majority of trainees living in Uganda, the United States of America, Burundi and China (9).

“Be selective in what you choose to learn. Seek the kind of knowledge that builds who you are and your nation.

Bring back what is most useful. Turn your back on what is harmful and will be of no use to you,” Kagame said, urging the youth who completed the training to use the opportunity to learn in the most meaningful way.

Kagame also told the youth that knowledge alone is not sufficient and emphasized the importance of knowing one’s identity, values and culture.

“Acquiring knowledge without upholding your values and knowing who you are is like building a very nice building on a weak foundation. Both will not be durable,” Kagame said.

“Your country is a purpose driven nation and you need to have a purpose for the country too. There is no reason why Rwanda can’t be as developed as any developed nation,” Kagame said adding that the pace of progress in Rwanda in the last twenty years gives great hope for the next twenty years.

“Don’t wait to contribute. Start now.” Kagame urged.

During their training, the young Intore, as the training’s graduates are commonly called, learnt about the country’s history, past and present Rwandan culture and values, critical thinking, recent socio-economic development and the values that are fostering Rwanda’s future.

The training also involved light military drills and parade, practical mind games and quizzes as well as traditional dances. The trainees also conducted field visits to the East African Granite Industries in Nyagatare, Kagitumba One Border Post, and Kagitumba Modern Irrigation Scheme.

This year’s trainers of the youth also included sixteen Intore who graduated from previous Itorero sessions for youth living abroad.

“The trained youth are committed to gaining skills from everywhere in the world and to bringing them back to Rwanda to build their country,” said Boniface Rucagu, the chairman of National Itorero Commission.

“When I go back to school I will be proud to be Rwandan and I will sensitize other Rwandans abroad to come back home and build their country,” Eliouna Mirenge, a 21-year old second year student of Business Administration and Management at Uganda Martyrs University said in an interview.

Collins Ntwari who also completed the training said that he now understands better the country’s history, values, and policies that are behind its socio-economic transformation.

President Kagame thanked the youth for having chosen to come for Itorero because it shows their interest in learning about their country.

“The countries you live in have their identity. You should also have your own identity and values that define you,” he told the students