Tonto Dikeh Celebrates King Andre As He Turns 6 Today


Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has shared photos of gigantic cakes as she celebrates her son’s 6th birthday today, 17th February 2022.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Tonto Dikeh said her son would realize she lived for him when he grew up.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she stopped living for herself a long time ago, and she’s alive to set his son’s future right. She wrote: WHEN YOU GROW UP YOU GONNO REALIZE I LIVED FOR YOU.. I stopped living for me along time ago, I am alive to set your Future Right..

Congratulations MY “LORD” Tonto Dikeh who recently warned her friends and colleagues ahead of her stepmother’s burial ceremony.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, Tonto Dikeh revealed why she does not attend a burial ceremony, and it’s a favour she can’t pay if anyone attends her mother‘s burial. According to Tonto Dikeh, she decided as a child never to attend any burial, and her mother‘s funeral will or might be the first-ever she will attend. Tonto Dike added that people should not send her a dime or consolation messages as she doesn’t do so well with it; instead, people should pray for her and her family.

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