Varsity Technologists Threaten Fresh Strike September

The President, National Association of Academic Technologists, Ibeji Nwokoma, has said the union may resume its suspended strike by September if the Federal Government failed to implement the Memoranda of Understanding and Action signed with the association.

Nwokoma stated this during a chat with journalists after a meeting with the Tertiary Education Trust Fund Executive Secretary, Prof Suleiman Bagoro, in Abuja on Tuesday.

He accused the government of serially failing to honour agreements, attributing this to the ongoing strike by the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors.

Nwokoma said, “That’s why they are having issues with the striking doctors. We signed one (agreement)  in November and another in February  and till now, the government has abandoned the MoU or MoA.

“The government told us in August last year they were going to pay minimum wage arrears and consequential adjustment; till now nothing has happened. They also told us that our circular for commencement of payment was going to be released, till now they have not done anything about it.”

“Our renegotiation should have started by now but government has done nothing about that even after signing the MoU.

“We are having our NEC meeting in September and if between now and that period, the government refused to do something about our minimum wage arrears and the renegotiation does not start, our NEC will come up with a position paper on the next line of action.

“However, the only language the government understand is strike; I hope it doesn’t get to that.”


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