What Actually Inspired Adele To Lose Weight After Divorce With Simon Koneckia?

Popular singer Adele took the social media by a storm when she posted a gorgeous picture of herself in a black dress. In the post, the singer thanked everyone for their wishes and regards on her birthday. The post went viral on the internet as her fans were amazed by her massive weight loss.

As per various reports from media portals, the weight loss journey of Adele was fuelled by various factors, which included her divorce as well.

  Adele’s weight loss journey was slow, gradual and healthy, a media portal revealed that the weight loss transformation did not happen for the singer overnight. Reportedly, Adele finds it amusing when people think it just happened. The singer had started this journey slowly a couple of years ago and it was a gradual and healthy process for her.

These factors fuelled Adele’s weight loss journey

A close source to Adele told a leading media portal that while her divorce was one of the reasons, it was only ‘partial factor’ in singer making such a drastic change in her life. It was also reported by the same portal that Adele felt that more than anything else, it was about being healthy.

Moreover, Adele was aware that being in the entertainment industry, there was pressure to look a certain way. The media portal reported that this was one of the biggest reason why she embarked on the journey of weight loss. She started dieting and working out more and put her mind to it, hence eventually she achieved the drastic results.

Celebrities’ reactions

As soon as Adele posted a picture showing her transformed self, fans and fellow celebrities flooded the post with comments and reactions. Many celebrities cheered for the singer and praised her for her constant efforts. There were some celebrities who seemed amazed at how drastic the change in Adele’s appearance was. Check out some of those comments below.

Adele Simon Konecki Adele's weight loss
Adele Simon Konecki Adele's weight loss

Fans spark debate about body positivity

Some of Adele’s fans took to social media and expressed how inspiring Adele’s journey to weight loss is. However, there were some fans who debated about body positivity and self-love.


Yh Adele looks great since her weight loss but she’s always been beautiful no matter what shape she was.

Paul Carter@LiftRunBang

Anyone shaming Adele for losing weight, please sit down.

And never get up again.

Maddie Zahm@maddiezahm

people are really out here celebrating Adele’s weight loss like winning 15 grammys wasn’t her biggest accomplishment?

meg 🕷@Roosie121P

Adele was ALWAYS beautiful but for some reason, now that she’s lost weight, the world is losing its shit?
THIS IS WHY WOMEN HAVE BODY ISSUES. Because you only give them worth when they fit the societal mold! Adele HAS ALWAYS been beautiful! Y’all