Why I Don’t Want To Marry – Actress, Angelina Eko Idoko Opens Up

Nigerian actress, Angelina Eko Idoko has revealed that she is afraid to get married and this is a phobia she has had since she was a child.
Angelina Eko disclosed in an interview with Inside Nollywood that she did not experience a good marriage growing up as her parents argued most of the time.
According to the Benue-State born thespian, how her father was violent on her mum made her want to be a single mum
The Computer Science graduate in an interview with Inside Nollywood says,
”Before I became part of the entertainment industry, I have always been scared of marriage because my parents didn’t exactly have the best one.
My father was violent and they were always shouting on top of their voices. I grew up wanting to be a single Mum. Somehow, I think all men are the same, I still feel that way. Some people think  that I must have been through a lot of heartbreaks, but not at all. I don’t allow men into my life. I’ve had only 2 relationships and I am currently single. I am tough oh. I don’t want to go through what my mum went through in the hands of a man.”
When asked her kind of man, Angelina Eko Idoko hinted,
“I want someone that doesn’t shout when he’s angry. A man that is understanding. Someone that is Patient, Outgoing, Social, funny, intellectual, caring, modern & supportive. I am very good in bed and I have fine body. Have you heard of Benue girls? We have similar attributes with calabar girls.”