‘Why Senator Abbo Has Not Been Arraigned’

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The Police on Sunday said they were yet to arraign Senator Clifford Abbo for alleged assault on a woman because investigators have not had access to the original Close Circuit Television (CCTV) recording.

Also, the adult toy shop owner said to have travelled long before the viral video which showed Abbo slapping a woman, was yet to return.

Police spokesman Frank Mba, a Deputy Commissioner (DCP) told our correspondent that the service was tying loose ends so that they did not just file a charge for the fun of it.

He said Abbo was on bail and would be arraigned after diligent investigation.

Mba said: “There is no update. The guy is on bail. We will arraign him as soon as possible. We want to be diligent in our investigation. There are just a few things that have been slowing our investigation.

“We are trying to put the witnesses together. The owner of the shop appears not to be around. Our detectives have visited the place several times and the shop is locked.

“I am not saying the owner is on the run because I do not believe so. I believe he probably travelled because the neighbour said the shop has been locked even before the video went viral.

“Coincidentally, we need to talk to her (owner’s daughter). We also need to view the original of the CCTV recording. Even though people might say we should use the video in public to charge him to court, it cannot stand because it was not originally sourced and has gone through so many hands.

“We want to view the original recording of the CCTV and put all our witnesses together. File a case and charge him to court. That way, the case isn’t thrown out based on a technicality.” [THE NATION]


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