With Good Scentific Education Technology Will Grow Naturally – Finlab Chairman

The Chairman of Finlab, Uzomba Nwaije has said there is need to invest more in science education while technology will grow naturally.

This he explained at the firms 40th anniversary celebration held in Lagos, he said Nigeria must create an environment that can make the development of science and technology come to the extent of having a science based economy.

Nwaije stressed, “the stonger nation had build fence or provide everything science as foundation because it assures growth. The only way Nigeria can grow or ensure consistent growth is through commitment through learning of science and technology. However, people in government talk about technology and they forget the modal of technology. They build on sand and it collapses and they keep on building. If you don’t plan science and you want to develop technology you are beating about the bush.

“I still think the best way forward is to embrace science and in 10 years time and above this country will start changing for the better and to do that we have to look at our educational system. There is a need to rethink our educational system.”

The Chairman who urged that more effort should be put into the educational system in order to produce good graduates like in the days of good education in Nigeria said education is one of the ways we can rightly grow and develop our country. “Our teachers need to be more committed and be more encouraging more than ever. The way teachers are not paid is a bad thing. With good scientific education, technology education will grow naturally as well as Infrastructure and agriculture. Hence, education must change and that change will change the way the country is run.”

Managing Director FinLab, Uzo Nwaije Jr. however urged startups to concentrate on the business first as the ultimate goal should be setting out a bigger firm than a nation instead of rushing for money in business.

He expressed, “The first thing I will advise startup is do not look at the money factor in business, but look at the growth plan. A lot of people start businesses for wrong reasons. People start businesses to make money or to ascertain a certain class or to be looked out in a certain way which is completely false. You first identify a gap that you want to bridge or gap you want to close and when you identify the gap you must now ask yourself how many people we need the services if you have achieved it. For people that are starting businesses the ultimate goal or the ultimate idea is to start the business not just for yourself or for a selfish reason, but for something bigger than self, bigger than a nation and time goes on maybe if Nigeria slaps you with something because your dream or your goal is bigger than Nigeria, you can look to motivate yourself from what you are doing.”



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