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Onazi Quits Denizlispor Again After Owed Salaries

Ogenyi Onazi has terminated his contract with Turkish club Denizlispor by mutual consent for the second time, he has told PUNCH Sports Extra.

The former Lazio midfielder said the club owes him four months’ salaries before his departure.

Onazi revealed that ‘failed promises lack of respect’ led to exit from the club.

“I decided to leave Denizlispor again because they failed to fulfill their promise of paying me as at when due when I agreed to return to the club,” Onazi said.

“I was owed five months’ salary when I left the club the first time which saw me report them to FIFA and they were banned by FIFA from transferring players until I was paid.

“When they got a new President, he asked me to return to the club, that they need my experience and services to help the club return to the top league.

He promised they will never owe me again but here we are again, they have not paid me salary for four months and when I asked the club, the President was not happy and requested the coach to stop playing me.

We held meetings and he was not remorse about their actions, so I told him I am leaving which he reluctantly agreed to after a week of dragging.

“I won’t take up the fight for the money they owe. I am leaving the money for them, it’s about €45,000.”



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