Pollution: Activist Hands Over Water Project To Ogoni Community


A youth and environmental rights activist, Legborsi Yamabaana, has handed over potable water project to Nyobe Bangha in the Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State, with the aim of alleviating the suffering of the Ogoni community.

Yamabaana, who is the President-General, Ogoni Youths Federation, while commissioning the water project, said it was in commemoration of the World Water Day.

He disclosed that residents of the community had been trekking for about six to seven kilometres to fetch drinking water in the last 17 years.

He hinted that the water project was consequent upon the plight of the community who had long been drinking benzene-infested water capable of causing cancer and other related illnesses.

“This project is dedicated to humanity. I have been feeling the pulse of my people whom have over 17 years been subjected to drinking polluted water as a result of decades of reckless oil exploration resulting into the pollution of our environment.

“I also got to know before this project was initiated that our women and people of this community used to trek as far as seven kilometres to look for drinking water, but today, as the world is celebrating World Water Day, I decided to do this in commemoration of this day,” Yamaabana stated.

While addressing residents of the community, the activist urged public office holders and other well-meaning individuals to reach out to the poor and provide amenities that will give them succour.

This project is not done for any other reason than for humanity.

“I believe that what you do for others remains and it is immortal and that is why I have hitherto and I am still calling well spirited individuals to always do the little they can do for the ordinary people, because if you are not in the village to feel the pulse of the people, you will not know what they go through,” he said.

Receiving the project, the King of Bangha Kingdom, HRH Suanu Baridam, represented by the Chief of Nyone Bangha community, Chief Kpigi Baridam, sued for peace in the community, adding that only a peaceful environment would engender more development and progress.



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