Why I Don’t Attend Burial Ceremonies, By Tonto Dikeh


Actress Tonto Dike has explained why she doesn’t attend burial ceremonies.

The mother of one said she vowed since as a teenager not to attend burials and nothing will make her change her mind.

King Tonto, as she’s fondly called, said that her mother’s burial might be the first ever she would attend.

She wrote: “I’ve never attended a burial before, I will never attend one too.

“I said this when I was a child and I will stick by it. My mom’s burial will/might be my first ever.

“To all my friends that think I’m shutting them out, my reason is that I don’t attempt burials, if I let you attend my mom’s I will owe you same favour and I can’t repay that.

“If you love me pray for my family, if you intend to support me, only pray for me. Don’t send a dime or a consolation message, I don’t do so well with that but know that I appreciate you all a lot and I am grateful.”



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